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    Date of release:2012-12-12 Author: Click:

    First step:Three modernizations construction

    The contents of "three modernizations construction" are: institutionalization, standardization and process

    Interpretation of "three modernizations construction"

    We should lay a solid foundation for the institutionalized management of the company.

    Standardization construction --- with rigorous standards, improve the quality of the company's basic work.

    Process construction: using standardized process to improve the work efficiency of each department.

    The core of the company's standardized management is "quality, efficiency and benefit". Taking the six character policy as the guiding principle, promote the management of the company not to deviate from the track, so as to be grounded.

    The core topics of institutionalization, standardization and process in "three modernizations construction" are: what should be done and what should not be done; the standards and requirements of doing things; the order of doing things and the efficiency of communication. The successful implementation of the "three modernizations" will bring the best benefits to the company.

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