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                    Introduction of reverse arch pouring method of high strength and wear resistant castable

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                    Introduction of reverse arch pouring method of high strength and wear resistant castable

                    Date of release:2019-06-11 Author: Click:

                    High strength wear-resistant castable inverted arch pouring, by the small series for you to explain, let's understand it!

                    1) During the construction, the ramming starts from the interface between the lead rain condenser and the furnace throat, and ends at the slope of the lead return tank;

                    2) The angle steel is welded at the junction of the steel shell and the inverted arch of the lead rain condenser. When the castable is rammed into the inverted arch rudiment, the angle steel is used as the fulcrum, and a 150 mm wide arc plate bracket is made in advance to ensure the accuracy of the arc;

                    3) For the convenience of bracket, the top layer of castable about 20 mm thick does not increase particles, only small particles;

                    4) For the slope of lead return chute, the angle ruler with the same angle made in advance is used to control.

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